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You can still contact us by telephone, post and email. Making cash payments continues to be our top priority. When contacting us please state your customer number or the number of the community of dependence (if applicable). Please also tell us your current telephone number so that we can contact you with any queries.

We offer personal advice in compliance with the 3-G rule. All necessary hygiene requirements are of course met. Due to the current high number of infections, the
Visiting the job center always wear an FFP2 mask. Please make an appointment for this in advance.

Do you need financial support even though you are not currently seeking employment? The option of simplified access to Unemployment Benefit II has been extended to 31.12.2022. You will find a summary here:
Social protection package

Information from the district administration on fleeing Ukraine

Current vaccination dates: You can find the current ones here vaccination appointments of the Bad Kreuznach district.

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  • 0671 – 850 318 (free of charge)
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  • Viktoriastraße 36
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  • jobcenter-bad-kreuznach@
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  • Benefits department
    Halmer Weg 13
    55606 Kirn

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