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The Opportunities for Participation Act provides two new instruments for supporting employment with social security obligations in the general and social job market.

These are §§ 16e and 16i SGB II.

§ 16e SGB II (Integration of the Long-Term Unemployed) creates financial incentives for employers to recruit long-term unemployed persons in the general job market. Here an employment relationship may be subsidised for up to two years, starting with 75% of the regularly paid salary.

§ 16i SGB II (Participation in the Job Market) provides an instrument for the support with wage subsidies of long-term unemployed persons with little access to the job market in the context of longer-term publicly subsidised employment with social security obligations (without the obligation to include them in the unemployment insurance scheme). This employment may be supported for up to five years, starting with 100% of the eligible wage/salary.

You will find more detailed information in the flyer.

Flyer §§16e_16i

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Would you like to recruit a new employee who is disabled, severely disabled or equivalent but you are not sure whether the applicant and the requirements of the position match?

If so, you can enter into a subsidised trial employment relationship (§ 46 SGB III).

The temporary trial employment of disabled, severely disabled or equivalent persons may be subsidised if this provides a better opportunity for participation in working life or achieves long-term integration into the job market.

The employer may be reimbursed for all the costs usually associated with an employment relationship e.g. wage/salary costs including employer’s social security contributions. This subsidy is restricted to a period of 3 months.