Recruitment service

Are you looking for a suitable training or employment position and do you have any questions about individual support services?

Here you will find information about which department of the recruitment service will support you if you have any questions and with your search for a suitable training or employment position. Feel free to contact us or make an appointment for advice.

Are you under 25? There is a varied range of job market support services available here which is directed especially at the interests of young people and which supports them individually in their search for training or employment positions. Your recruitment expert will develop with you a way to find the right training or employment position for you.
Jobseekers aged 25 or over have often already gained initial vocational experience. Perhaps you did your vocational training a few years ago too. Besides a targeted search for employment, additional qualifications are also important for your return to work. You will also find information about other options for support here.
Case management is a particularly intense form of service and support on the way to integration into the job market. Case managers are specially qualified and have access to a comprehensive, multi-layer network. If in your advice interview with your recruitment expert it turns out that because of a personal problem situation you need special support, he/she will determine whether case management is appropriate for you.
The Bad Kreuznach Jobcenter offers a specialist recruitment and advice service for severely disabled people and those undergoing rehabilitation. We formulate with you vocational prospects that are compatible with your health limitations. Here we advise you on support options directed specifically at the needs of people with health limitations.
Here people with a migration background are advised on integration courses and vocational language courses and on the subject of the recognition of school and professional qualifications. We inform you about advisory bodies and support you on reducing or eliminating your need for assistance.

People bringing up children are faced with special challenges in combining family and career. Here the Equal Opportunities Officer will help you with questions about the job and training markets, preparation for a return to work, childcare, working hours, all aspects of applying and support options. With early support you increase your chances in the job market!

Our BCA Ms. Altmayer

Our BCA Ms. Altmayer

The amendments to the Citizens’ Income Act provide for the possibility of a so-called arbitration procedure for every job center from July 1st, 2023. You can use the button below to open an arbitration procedure with an e-mail. Please justify your request for arbitration accordingly and note the following information on the procedure:

  • The subject of the arbitration procedure according to § 15a SGB II can only be differences of opinion in connection with the creation or updating of the cooperation plan. The arbitration procedure does not include, for example, any differences of opinion on the implementation of the cooperation plan or on performance law issues.
  • The arbitration procedure is carried out with the involvement of a previously uninvolved person who is not bound by instructions.
  • In the arbitration process, a joint proposal for a solution is to be developed.
  • The jobcenter must take this proposed solution into account.
  • The arbitration procedure ends with an agreement or after four weeks at the latest.