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Please note the new service times at our Bad Kreuznach and Kirn locations. In order to reduce waiting times, we ask you to book an appointment online in advance.

Citizen money

You can find all information about citizens’ money at: https://www.arbeitsagentur.de/lexikon/buergergeld


Current information from the district of Bad Kreuznach on the escape from the Ukraine

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From April 17th, 2023, personal consultations are only possible with an appointment, so use the online bookings here on the site, or our new Personal Servicepoint to book appointments yourself.

Note for appointments in connection with job placement:

Would you like an appointment with your integration specialist?

Arrange a consultation appointment by phone on: 0671 – 850 318  or send us an inbox message via Jobcenter.digital

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“teamw()rk for health and work”

Did you know? The “teamw()rk for health and work” program supports and networks health offers for unemployed people. The topic of health includes the topics of nutrition, exercise and mental health (stress and well-being). The courses and offers are free of charge. All information can be found at: Zeit für Gesundheit

4th Women’s Information Day in Bad Kreuznach

The Bad Kreuznach job center is holding an event on Friday, March 8, 2024, from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m., in cooperation with the Bad Kreuznach multi-generation house and the “teamw()rk for health and work” program of the State Center for Health Promotion in Rhineland- Pfalz e.V. held the 4th Women’s Information Day in Bad Kreuznach. In the district administration, visitors can expect exhibitors with information on the topics of electricity saving checks, education and participation, first aid for children, self-help, pregnancy advice, literacy, health, further training, childcare, early help, consumer protection and much more. The aim is to inform women from the urban area and the Bad Kreuznach district about concrete financial support or personal relief. No prior registration is required. Childcare is available on site. Contact: Anke Altmayer, Commissioner for Equal Opportunities in the Labor Market, Job center Bad Kreuznach Tel: 0671-850 740

4th Women’s Information Day

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